Unhappy With Your Current Job or Career? You Are Not Alone!

It is not uncommon to be unhappy with your job.  As a result, people can waste a lot of time torturing themselves about how unhappy they are at work. This presents a tremendous challenge and mental battle for many. 

If you are lucky enough to have genuine work friend that you can discuss your work-related issues with, then you are fortunate to have someone that can relate to your disposition. Otherwise, your complaints about your boss or anything work-related to your friends outside of your job require a great deal of explanation because it is impossible for them to know exactly what you’re talking about. 

A great deal of my clients have praised just how cathartic our discussions were.  It can be very challenging to find a suitable outlet to voice career concerns, and I love acting as someone that anybody can approach and articulate their career dissatisfaction.

My career counseling work is very practical.  I help clients move on to more suitable career paths, and both myself and the client feel better after our discussions.