An opportunity for career reflection

Please do not confuse my optimism with lack of concern about the coronavirus. We should all be super vigilant. My hope is that your employer enables you to work at home; that you are able to self-quarantine with your families and/or are very connected via communication devices if you are alone; and that you use whatever additional time you have to get in amazing physical and mental shape.

I also hope for those of you who have found yourself on Career Counseling Connecticut’s site that you spend time reflecting about what you would prefer to do for work or for your career. If you are here, my guess is that you are in the same “lost in the wilderness” career state that I once was and that most of Career Counseling Connecticut’s clients find themselves in before they contact us.

One of the main reasons that our career coaching has led to happy career transformations from my clients is that I spent so much time in my own career reflection. I went to law school and practiced law (11 combined years). I had locked on to “being a lawyer” from let’s say age ten (parental/adult approval, my own desire for prestige, and some things that made sense, action oriented– verbally strong etc.) but I had inklings that maybe doing legal work – which is different than being a lawyer — was not for me during the first year of law school.

So… even though I soldiered on and did like some parts of law school and lawyering (public service), I was lost in the wilderness. The best thing I did during that time: I went from burying my head in the sand to actively reflecting about possible career changes to actively pursuing a career change.

Doing that alone (friends/spouse while helpful emotionally do not really count as practical guides) was really hard and I suffered far too long. Meeting with Career Counseling Connecticut will speed up the process. We can help you.