Career Change: How will I…?

The initial part of Keith’s career was a straight line. He worked in large organizations as an attorney. He was never happy but he was successful. Sometime in his late 30s, a friend of his who owned a business related to financial services for international services offered him a chance to buy the business. Keith had no experience in marketing or sales or the actual content of the business. He thought he “could figure it out.” To be clear, his friend would not be holding his hand. They live in different parts of the country and the friend was moving on to a different business. Other than receiving some advice on the broad strokes of the business, Keith would be on his own. He’s happy in his work now. And…. he’s a multi-millionaire.

Keith was not a client of Career Counseling Connecticut. But his story illustrates what I have seen through the years with our career counseling clients. The happy stories are those who contact us for career coaching, get their career vision in place through interacting with us, and then – sometimes with our help, sometimes not – enact the vision. They all have the same view as Keith did: “I will figure out what I don’t know.”

Those that do not have happy results – at least before meeting with Career Counseling Connecticut – will come to us and say they “thought about” a certain career vision but then thought “how will I….” be able to do X, Y, Z and then they stopped.

Most things in life are figured out through contact. My wife and I drove across the country in 1992. Pre… everything: no GPS/internet/cell phones. Now, I shudder with the thought that we had some maps, an old car (no AC in August!) and not a lot of money. How did we do it? We figured it out as we “contacted” whatever challenges we faced: maps that were not quite right in Wyoming; hundreds of miles without rest stops in those large square states in the Mid-West; an ER visit somewhere in rural Pennsylvania and a dozen other challenges that we faced and overcame.

My career path building The Learning Consultants and Career Counseling Connecticut was similar. Now, my mission is to help our clients not only craft a vision but understand that they (or we) will figure out how to make their career vision a reality.