Career Planning For Selfish Reasons

As I have developed, I have become consumed with giving. Certainly, I have a distinct philosophical sense that the good life is about what we give and contribute but I also know that I feel better when I give. That’s a good kind of selfishness, I suppose. Any parent who delights in giving their children gifts knows what I mean.

I realize that there is another good kind of selfishness that Career Counseling Connecticut’s clients should embrace: using their work efforts to more directly benefit their well being.

Too many employees work for organizations that will not provide them the fruits of their good work. If they do an amazing job, the company will benefit but the employee will only benefit if his/her manager acknowledges their good work. The most egregious example occurs when consultants serve outside clients and then are laid off. The client tells others what a great job “the company did” but it really was the specific consultant who did the heavy lifting.

Career planning – to ensure your work benefits you – is a good kind of selfishness. We can help.