Coronavirus in Connecticut And Its Career Implications

Most everyone will have their career/job impacted by Covid-19. This goes well beyond all those in the hospitality, travel, and tourism industries. Some of Career Counseling Connecticut’s past clients provide examples.

Kevin is an operations executive for a company that owns movie theatres across the country. The revenue for this upcoming quarter might be 0. The cost/overhead for owning several hundred movie theatres is in the millions. I hope he’s high enough to keep his job. I imagine many will not be so lucky.

Pete is a sales executive for a company that wraps large crates of bottles (mostly soft drinks). At first, I thought he would be fine because grocery stores are one of the larger customer bases that purchase bottles of soft drinks. But restaurants, hotels, and convention centers are also large customer bases. They won’t be purchasing soft drinks in bulk and, in turn, soft drink makers won’t need their products wrapped. Domino effect in action.

As for Connecticut, there are a sizable number of employers along the coast that rely upon spring-summer for tourism, weddings, dining out, beach vacations and so forth. This is a good time to craft a career plan for those who have been contemplating leaving their fields.

Indeed, this is an opportune time for everyone to ponder life’s big questions and one of those questions is “what do I want to do when I grow up?”

This is difficult to do alone. We can help.