May 1st: Spring is hear, time for career change

red-flowers-opening-quote-590I love the beginning of each month.  Beyond January 1, I announce the 1st day of the month to the family.  Yes, my three children give various shakes of their head.  But while laughing at their silly Dad, they occasionally smile as there is something nice about a fresh start.

May is particularly a great month.  While those in Connecticut are not yet feeling the wonders of spring weather, May 1 – regardless of the official date – is really the start of spring.  This is momentous because many of Career Counseling Connecticut’s clients started 2016 with resolutions to change their careers.

As with many resolutions – particularly the fuzzy ones like “get in shape” – most career changers get immersed in life and whatever momentum the new year brought is doused sometime by February.

May 1 brings an inflection point.  Time to change your career.