Parents: Help Your College Age Children Plan for the New World of Work

One of my friends runs a company that has continually been named one of best places to work in Connecticut. Indeed, my son had an internship at his company and said the same. I would name the company but I’m about to reveal what might be a private poll and do not want to divulge anything that was not meant to be public.

87% of the employees surveyed indicated they would prefer to continue working from home full time after the pandemic is fully over and it was entirely safe to go back to work.

Several points to emphasize:

Given that this company is on the Shoreline of Connecticut, the commuting time for the vase majority of the team is less than 15 minutes one way.

The work place is universally described as supportive, friendly, and fun.

And, 87%!!!! That’s an overwhelming majority. To be clear, they were not including those who wanted a hybrid (some work at home/some in the office). These were people who wanted to work entirely from home.

As we continued the conversation, my friend and another business executive friend discussed additional changes. The latter normally travelled 5-6 days a month in order to see clients face to face. He did not travel this year and he and his company had their best year ever.

What will this mean to your children as they enter the New World of Work?

That’s our expertise. We can help you help your children sort through the post-pandemic career world.