The Joy of Happy Work

Work as a mood enhancer.

That’s crazy talk to many. I know. While an upbeat optimist by nature, I had somewhere in the range of 5 years of work as a mood deflator.

The difference is life-changing. During those 5 years, my mood decreased because of work and also affected my non-work life. Sometime mid-Sundays, I would feel the creep of anxiety start.

Now, my mood increases because of work. I’m often in a better mood during work days and thereafter because of my work.

Just so you don’t feel any resentment at my current good state of affairs, I assure you that I suffered mightily during my mismatched work days.

I recall – now with some laughter – that a homeless man once said to me “you look like you are going through hell.” He was right. I was walking during my lunch hour and must have been carrying the weight of dread about going back into the office.

So, I know. I really do. You are likely reading this blog because the joy of work is not what you are experiencing now. I’m sorry about that but I’m fairly confident Career Counseling Connecticut can help.