Time to start career planning

The Coronavirus has knocked the wind out of most everyone. I see both sides of the compassion-grit issue.

I have compassion for all those who are anxious about moving forward. People feel frightened and freeze up. I understand. We often need some time to regroup.

But even before the Coronavirus, I often would look at those who lived through WWII and The Great Depression with admiration. It seems that most of what has been called The Greatest Generation did not wallow. They moved forward. Keep in mind that WWII and The Great Depression were far bigger crises than the Coronavirus. The length of each, the deaths associated with each, and the career/economic havoc that each created makes our current crisis seem mild in comparison. (Quick blows my mind side note: 75 million died in WW II.)

Career Counseling Connecticut has always worked with a large portion of our clients virtually. Most of our Fairfield County clients have preferred meeting by FaceTime/phone. So, from our perspective, we are operating with reasonable normalcy.

As for you, career planning takes time. Those with a plan and a strategy will be well positioned for job hunting and career building once the crisis is over. And, it will be over. Let’s hope soon.