Career JOY

Let me start by distinguishing “happiness” versus “joyfulness”. Both are wonderful but happy-sad are part of the same continuum and both are viewed as transient: happy in one moment, sad in the next. The ups and downs of external events, such as a victory at work (promotion) followed by a defeat at work (bad review) create the feeling of being on a roller coaster.

Most have work lives that some moments of happiness and sadness and many neutral moments. This leads to boredom for stretches of time, interrupted by fleeting feelings of elation or deflation.

Some have work lives of joy. Their careers are well-matched. They feel that their careers provide meaning. They derive satisfaction at the end of most days. They, too, have the ups and downs of external events. They, too, have moments of happiness and sadness. But their steady-state radiates with positive energy.

Career Counseling Connecticut’s mission to ensure our clients move into the JOY zone.