I practiced employment law when I was in the private sector. “Anyone over 50 is in danger of getting laid off because they cost too much”, the lead employment lawyer said at one of our meetings. The other experienced lawyers agreed. “So we need to make sure our clients can demonstrate that they had legitimate reasons to get rid of anyone over 50.” That was one more nail in the coffin for why I was leaving big law firm life.

I’m not saying that the attorney was suggesting that our large business clients manufacture lies to justify firing those over 50. But the implication seemed clear: (1) if you are over 50, you are a target due to cost and (2) companies will seek to find ways to legitimize firing those over 50.

Now that I am over 50, my friends who work in large companies concur. They all feel like targets and see fiftysomethings being shredded from corporate America on a daily basis.

Can I help? Yes. I’ve had several post fiftysomething clients who contacted Career Counseling Connecticut for career coaching but then secured very inexpensive legal advice regarding potential age discrimination claims.

The Coronavirus will compel many companies to layoff workers for completely legitimate economic reasons. But it will also provide a ready made excuse for age-discrimination.

If you think that’s the case, contact us.