Coronavirus and Your Career

If you feel delighted that you don’t “have to go” to work, then you should use this time to plan your career change.

Let me explain. If the Coronavirus hit when I was a private firm attorney, I would have been overjoyed that I did not have to (1) deal with the micro-managing, overly critical partners (2) do work that I felt was mostly meaningless and (3) do work that was alternatively boring and stressful.

Now, while we have moved most of Career Counseling Connecticut’s clients to virtual meetings, I’m not going into our offices and I miss doing so because I love my work.

Over the years in providing career coaching to our clients, I often repeat certain phrases. One of those phrases is that I’m most interested in the happiness and success of my clients 5 years from now, although I’m well aware that most of Career Counseling Connecticut’s clients are most interested in their happiness and success next month. Usually, they feel like they don’t have the time to plan for the future.

There are upsides to this disruption. And, one of the upsides is time for reflection and future planning.

If you want to feel delighted that you get to go to work whenever the Coronavirus leaves Connecticut, contact us now.