Coronavirus and Your Career

What thoughts have you had in relation to your job as the news/impact of coronavirus hit Connecticut?

Security? If your job is on such a precipice that you could lose it based on what we hope is a temporary crisis, then you should use some portion of the next few weeks figuring out how to get a new job or career path.

Delight about not having to go into the office? To be clear, I’m compartmentalizing the delight in relation to work. I’m sure plenty of people who are happy about not having to go to the office are simultaneously concerned about themselves and their loved ones. But if you are joyful that you do not have to be around the boss, co-workers, the office environment etc. and know that you will be returning that same place that apparently you are delighted to be away from, then you, too, should figure out your next career move.

Reflective about the lack of fulfillment/meaning/purpose of your work? Some of Career Counseling Connecticut’s recent inquiries stemmed from career seekers — who when thinking about the fragility of life – had moments of awakening, wondering why they are spending the bulk of their days doing something that they do not find fulfilling/meaningful/purposeful.

I am highly self–conscious – always – about urging people to contact Career Counseling Connecticut. But, here, not so much. As a former career changer, I spent a lot of unnecessary time in my past career (big city attorney).

When I built The Learning Consultants (the larger company housing Career Counseling Connecticut), my mission was focused on helping our mostly younger clients reach their potential.

Within my personal practice, I developed our career counseling practice (starting around 2005) and then Career Counseling Connecticut as a separate company (around 2010) with the mission to help our clients find happy and successful careers.

If the coronavirus has made you wonder, if you are in the right job/career, we can help.