Coronavirus, Connecticut, Careers….

If there is any good career news regarding the shutdown, it is that career seekers have time to reflect.

Several new clients of Career Counseling Connecticut have noted: “This Coronavirus shutdown has made me realize I don’t want to go back to work.”

I don’t know when and until that time I’ll be urging and practicing social distancing but the Coronavirus lockdown will end and we will go back to our jobs. At that point, you, again, will not have time to reflect. If you are like most, you will get reimmersed in your job. Indeed, you may even “cling” to the job that you don’t like because of fear.

What to do? Create your career vision now.

My virtual calendar – always 25% of my appointments comprises 100% of my current appointments – is filled with those using their time to productively craft a career vision.