Career Counseling Connecticut has served our career seeking clients in the very practical endeavor of finding careers/jobs that make our clients happy and successful.

Given my deep immersion in psychology/philosophy, it’s not surprising that some part of my practice has also been led to clients noting unexpected benefits:

“I’ve been in my head so long. It was wonderful open up.”

“I now understand which of my worries are irrational and, more importantly, know where to focus my energy.”

“I really have no one to talk to about my career. I’m so happy to have an outlet.”

Many spouses who encouraged their partners to get career counseling help have written me to say that their husband/wife has been so much happier since our meetings.

Many parents who encouraged (and often funded) their drifting twenty something children to get career counseling help have expressed profound gratitude regarding their child’s mental health upswing after our meetings.

This has been the case pre-pandemic.

Post-pandemic, many people have had time to reflect and realize that their jobs/careers are not a fit. That realization is good for the long term but painful in the short term. Coupled with the rest of the psychological challenges that the pandemic presented, many workers feel overwhelmed and need psychological support as they seek new careers/jobs. We provide that support. But more importantly, we will help you figure out your path to career success and happiness.

That’s where we can help.