Now is the time to invest in your career development

The most repeated phrase from Career Counseling Connecticut’s clients is some variation of “I should have come here a long time ago.”

Certainly, this happens with most of our clients over 40, who have stuck out an unhappy job/career way too long. But the same feeling has become increasingly common among younger clients, particularly those who grew up with tutors/trainers and other expert helpers.

During the last few weeks: three different college students expressed something along the lines of “how crazy” it was that they spent so much time/money on their travel sports or sports training but so little time on career training. One laughed and noted that through the years his family spent well over $10,000 on premiere soccer and he never played after high school and then wryly commented that they should have invested that money in career development since he was now miserable and confused about his future career.

The coronavirus is terrible and I pray that Career Counseling Connecticut’s clients and their families stay healthy. But there are some opportunities presented by enforced sheltering. With hope, those with families are spending more time together. Maybe you can exercise more or read some books. Even better, we are receiving many inquiries that start “this virus has made me think about my career….” After we meet, those clients almost always say “I should have called you a long time ago.”