The fear of losing is greater than the excitement of possibly winning. Numerous studies have demonstrated this point as many people would worry more about losing $100 than gaining as much as $200 with the same odds. It’s not logical. But it’s the way that our security bias is wired.

That fear helps prevent most from gambling and making risky investments (good) but also from venturing away from relationships and career/jobs that are causing unhappiness or, at least, not creating happiness.

In working with career shifters through Career Counseling Connecticut over the last decade, I’ve come to the distinct conclusion that most people will “stay put” unless forced to move, even when dealing with jobs that cause unhappiness and careers that are definitely not a fit.

Our work – the career coach and career seeker – is working through the psychological block of uncertainty.

For example, I will point out to clients that while we have not figured out exactly whether the new proposed career path will “definitely” create happiness we do know that the current career path is definitely causing unhappiness. Most of our career counseling clients hadn’t quite thought of their situation that way.

I also note that I’m not in the business of putting people into risky situations. I don’t advise clients to leave their full salaried jobs to start hand made jewelry businesses. Or if I did, it would be after we worked through the potential challenges related to both work and money.

Change your career. Change your life.