Taking Control of Your Career

take-control“Thank you. I feel in control of my life for the first time in a long while.” Jessica said. She had been working 6 intense years for a law firm in Stamford.  The demanding work load was an issue but the bigger challenge for Jessica was the lack of control she felt in relation to her time.  On any given Friday, one of the law firm partners could ruin her weekend with a “request”.  Jessica mimicked one such partner: “Jessica, I was hopeful that you could… .”  He was nicer than one of my partners in Washington, DC who would say that the real work began after 5 pm.

In Jessica’s case, she used the phrase: “I don’t feel in control of my life” when she first wrote to Career Counseling Connecticut.  She was exactly on point.  Life is time.  If you don’t control your time, you don’t control your life.  Jessica was 33 and thinking about starting a family.  “I can’t see doing this as a mom.” she noted.

We constructed a career shifting plan.  Jessica is working the plan.  She’s taking back control.